Patents granted

  • Method for monitoring quantity of oxygen in the combustion chamber
    Authors: Paweł Biały, Krzysztof Okarma
    Submission date: 24.06.2015
    Submission number: 412853
    Bulletin (BUP) no. 1/2017 (2.01.2017)
    Granting date: 12.06.2018
    Number of the exclusive right: PAT.230223
    Publication in Patent Office (WUP) no. 10/2018 (31.10.2018)

  • CNC machine, especially the machine tool or coordinate measuring machine
    Authors: Stefan Domek, Krzysztof Okarma, Paweł Dworak, Mirosław Pajor, Marek Grudziński
    Submission date: 16.02.2011
    Submission number: 393943
    Bulletin (BUP) no 18/2012 (27.08.2012)
    Granting date: 02.03.2016
    Number of the exclusive right: PAT.223848
    Publication in Patent Office (WUP) no. 10/2016 (31.10.2016)